What Types of Technology Help Students Learn? (panel discussion)

Experience Level: Intermediate

  • Presenter(s): Megan Wagaman, Al Drushler
  • Time: 10:30 - 11:20 AM
  • Room: ERC Smartboard WHL

In this presentation, Al Drushler and Megan Wagaman will provide a brief overview of ways they use technology in their classrooms, and ways they have students use technology for their courses. They will then hold a question-and-answer session — which includes a panel of students — about how technology helps these students learn, ways they have benefited from technology in educational settings, and what works and what does not. The students will be college students who are pre-service preK-12 teachers. In this way, people teaching various grade/college levels can share ideas and hear from students who have experienced K-12 technology in education recently, and are in the midst of applying those skills and knowledge to succeed in college, while also looking ahead to their own careers as educators.

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