Online Grammar Checkers: Implications for Assessment and School Policy

Experience Level: Beginner

  • Presenter(s): Joseph Hutcheson
  • Time: 10:30 - 11:20 AM
  • Room: 110 WHL

Does “writing enhancement” software give students an inflated (and false) confidence in their academic writing? Or does this software simply reflect how the power of the internet betters the experience of twenty-first century students? In this session, I will survey several online grammar checkers (Grammerly et al.) that offer tips and tools to improve student writing. In addition to detailing the features of these checkers, I will compare how each of them addresses grammatical mistakes found in a common student paper. The presentation will end with an open-forum discussion that focuses on the implications for classroom assessment (especially formative assessment) and school policy. Teachers and administrators will discuss their impressions of the software and whether or not there is a need for school policy to address and govern the use of the software.

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