Curbing Fake News

Experience Level: Intermediate

  • Presenter(s): Vivienne Cameron, Cindy Luce
  • Time: 2:30 - 3:20 PM
  • Room: 205A WHL

Fact checking/determining the validity of information is a crucial 21st century skill, especially in light of the recent election, but how do we teach it? Newspaper circulation is down, and we are getting our news on our phones, so the in-depth coverage that we have historically assimilated is missing. We are in trouble as a nation because we have grown to disbelieve any information that is inconsistent with our world view – so if we see a negative article about Trump, and we are Trump supporters, we disregard that article flat out. Journalists (WSJ and NYT editors on Meet the Press 1/1/17) are struggling with this. As educators, we need to accept the change in information delivery, and equip our students to make meaning from existing news sources. At the very beginning (3rd-4th grades) we, as educators, need to foster an awareness that not all information on the internet is true, and that it is important to know if something is true. Expanding upon that, we want students in middle school to learn to read/research for “information”, as opposed to “affirmation”. Attendees at this session will leave with grade appropriate lessons and resources they can use immediately with their 3rd through 8th grade students to foster information literacy

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