Computational Thinking in the Star Wars Hour of Code

Experience Level: Beginner

  • Presenter(s): Dr. Fred Hofstetter
  • Time: 2:30 - 3:20 PM
  • Room: 207 Murray Conf. Room WHL

Computational thinking is the manner in which computer scientists approach the solving of complex problems by breaking them down into manageable components and creating named procedures for performing each part. Particularly well suited to the teaching of computational thinking is the Star Wars Hour of Code. This presentation explains how its fifteen stages align with the computational thinking dimensions of decomposition, programming, algorithms, abstraction, and data. Participants learn how to get student and/or teacher accounts where this Hour of Code is freely hosted at The final stage provides open access to the App Lab tools you can use to create your own unique app that you can share via Facebook, tweet it out, or text it to any smartphone.

Twitter Account:fredhofstetter

Presentation Materials: